Competitors become our colleagues, we learn from and work together with them. Collective knowledge as a team is what makes G.I.G Entertainment.

Team G.I.G
<strong>Maarten</strong> Verhey
Maarten Verhey

Executive Director / Founder

<strong>Michiel</strong> van de Zandt
Michiel van de Zandt

Creative Director / Founder

<strong>Marleen</strong> Pulles
Marleen Pulles


<strong>Wesley</strong> Umans
Wesley Umans

Camera / edit

<strong>Robin</strong> Zom
Robin Zom
<strong>Feike</strong> Santbergen
Feike Santbergen
<strong>Danny</strong> Maas
Danny Maas
<strong>Kasper</strong> Mols
Kasper Mols


<strong>Sander</strong> Ligthart
Sander Ligthart
<Strong>JW</strong> Zegelaar
JW Zegelaar
<strong>Mitch</strong> van Hirsel
Mitch van Hirsel